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About Cathy Weis

Gregory has collaborated with Dancer and Videographer Cathy Weis since 2015. In the 2016-2016 Season, Gregory designed two immersive productions in her dance studio in Soho. The Building Show, and Time Travel with Madame Xenogamny.


The Building Show, led audiences throught the history of 537 Broadway, from Barnum Museum to factory to dance sanctuary. Gregory designed a series of sails and curtains hung throughout the theater, that moved, collapapsed, grew, and contracted as if controlled by a puppeteer. These sails, and their movements explored the imapcts on the moving body, and herded audience members, and created rooms, divisions and passages for audiences and dancers.

 In "Time Travel With Madame Xenogamy” last spring, visitors  were through the rooms of her home, projecting footage from her vast video archive of New York’s 1980s downtown dance scene. Inside a white tent, audience members could peer into a crystal ball and learn about the future by way of dance’s past. The tent was an enormous muslin cylander, with a ceiling contructed of butcher paper, wax paper, and clouded plastic.

Cathy Weis first began hosting performances at WeisAcres, her home studio, in 2003 when she started The Salon Series, a performance-based series in which she and other artists presented their work to small, invited audiences. After a decade of these intimate performances, Weis began to envision a program with a larger scope, a broader audience and a more diverse roster of events.

Drawing inspiration from the history of the 537 Broadway building and the impact of artists on the SoHo community, Cathy Weis Projects launched Sundays on Broadway in May 2014. This one-of-a-kind series of events is comprised of performances, film screenings, discussions, dinner parties and all manner of affairs on Sunday evenings.  Claudia LaRocco writes in Artforum that “Sundays on Broadway is a treasure-trove series curated by Cathy Weis at WeisAcres, her loft in SoHo in one of those buildings still occupied by artists, like some sort of nature preserve.” 

Each season brings together “some of the sharpest minds in downtown performance (to) toss ideas around” (New York Times), test out new material and discuss the inner dealings of their work and processes.



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