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In 2016 Gregory was on the design team with Daniel Rozsa Lang-Levitski, and Abigail Miller for “Bobe Mayses: Yiddish Knights and Other Impossibilities”, directed by theater visionary Jenny Romaine with author Michael Wex and Music Director Alan Bern.

"What do you get when you mix a 500-year old Yiddish bestselling story about knights and fair ladies, ottava rima, a Renaissance Jewish scholar’s life of constant flight and refuge across the Alps, the 500th anniversary of Europe’s first ghetto in Venice, with New York anarchist-Jewish puppet theater, Italian Renaissance music, New Jewish Music, street theater, circus, a haunted house, a New York Times Best-Selling author (Michael Wex), an OBIE-award winning director (Jenny Romaine), the director of Yiddish Summer Weimar (Alan Bern), a dozen or more performers from all over Europe, and… the OMA (Other Music Academy)? You get “Bobe Mayses – Yiddish Knights and Other Impossibilities,” a wild, theatrical indoor-outdoor romp through the centuries and the legends that we cling to in order to survive the flotsam-littered tsunami of history.

Funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation, “Bobe Mayses– Yiddish Knights and Other Impossibilities” is a first-time cooperation between Yiddish Summer Weimar (YSW) and the Kunstfest Weimar. The work will be created by a resident, international ensemble during Yiddish Summer Weimar. Its premiere will take place during YSW 2016 with performances at The Berlin Jewish Museum, and the Erfurt Synagogue. "

German Press

Bobe Mayses: Yiddish Knights and Other Impossibilities.

Bobe Mayses: Yiddish Knights and Other Impossibilities.