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Cardboard. Recycled Materials. Paper Mache. Public Art. Puppets. Murals. Masks. Movement. Ecology. Waterways. Harbor Circus. Parade. Performance. Pageant.

INSTA 040222_The Science Affair_photo by Liz Ligon.jpg

I <3 Sturgeon Workshop @ THE SHED 2022


Gregory facilitates workshops for all ages. Workshops included puppet construction and performance, parade, cantastoria, devised theater, music, and political performance. 


As an artist educator, Gregory has worked with thousands of students across the five boroughs of New York City, as an educator for Friends of the High Line (2020-present), Queens Museum (2015-2018) and Sugar Hill Museum of Art and Story Telling (2019). He is currently a Teaching Artist at Friends of the High Line, facilitating a student centered learning art program rooted in climate science, public art, and infrastructure reuse.


He has facilitated theater workshops for puppet and mask performance across the United States in colleges, universities and community centers, as well as community workshops in Taiwan, Amsterdam, Rome, Berlin, Athens, Dublin and Switzerland.

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